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Dear Customer, Sub. : Introduction Letter Offering Brief Information of our Company Products offered by us to our clients. It gives us a great pleasure to introduce ourselves as the leading and well reputed firm offering a one stop shop for a wide range of Industrial and Institutional Washroom Hygiene products which includes Automatic Aerosol Dispenser Units, Automatic Toilet Cleaner Cum Deodorizers, Soap Dispensers (Manual & Automatic), Tissue Papers & Dispenser, Hand Dryers, Electronic Insect Killer, Wide Range of Cleaning Trolleys and Buckets, Stainless Steel Dust Bins, to various residential and commercial premises. Premium Corporate Solutions has brought these products and services with the long term view of establishing cost effective, superior, and cleaning and maintenance procedure in the market. We are committed to working with our customers and personalize our service so as to evolve an integrated system that will meet your every need. We provide real solutions and deliver quality material unique in the industry. In case you want any further clarification or information this regard, please feel free to contact us. Thanking you and assuring you of our best services at all the times. Yours Sincerely,


Air Care
Air Care INR 4000 INR 4000 Product: NEUTRALLE Microburst 3000 The NEUTRALLE Microburst 3000 is the most effective odour neutralizing and fragrancing system through it’s: • Compact design and sophisticated dispensing. The compact dispenser, which is 35% smaller than other systems, • Mini aerosol refills make the system extremely easy to place and store. • State of the art Programming Technology meets individual dispensing requirements, including selecting the number of days to refill replacement and the hours of operation (8, 12, 16 or 24 hours, 5-7 days a week). • Breakthrough Microburst technology combines advanced refill dispensing and fragrance formulation to deliver 3 times more odour neutralising fragrance molecules that float longer and spread further • Contains Microtrans, a proprietary odour neutralising agent that eliminates odours rather than masking them. • Each Microburst 3000 aerosol refill reliably delivers 3,000 metered sprays. Transform and eliminates unavoidable odours - creates a clean, fresh environment. • Specifications : 168mm (h)x 83mm (w) x 50mm (d). True 1451229907
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